About Me

Congratulations. You made it here. Welcome to my website. I’m Nicholas, but my close friends call me Nic.

I have a PhD and am a professional fight director, actor, stunt performer, author and Jedi (you can find out more about that within my ongoing blog and upcoming book).

Born and raised in British Columbia, I studied in London England, have performed around the world (including Russia), and have acted on some pretty fun and amazing projects. You may recognize me from the Airbud franchise, Supernatural, Scooby Doo, Stargate, and many other popular films and series. Then again, you may not. Better check out my gallery to see some of the shows I have had the honor to work on.  

I am a proud father of two pretty amazing kids, and love what I do.

Feel free to poke around, read my blog, watch my reels, look at the pics. If you want to contact me to speak at your event, follow me on social media  or buy my upcoming book, this is the place to do all that.

In the meantime, welcome. May the Force be with you, and remember that this is the way.