NO, Canada!

The Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan reported “hundreds” of unmarked graves of children at the Marieval residential school. Hundreds. Let that sink in. Hundreds. Hundreds of unmarked graves. Hundreds of unmarked graves of children. Children. What the fuck Canada? What the fuck? This news comes only weeks after 215 childrens bodies were found near a […]


This is going to be an unusual post for me. It may not be something that you believe in, but for me it’s a recent realization I have been having over the last number of years. I hope I am able to put it properly into words. I want to begin with setting down an […]


This week news came out about the 215 bodies found to date at one of Canada’s largest residential schools – the “Kamloops Indian Residential School”. The school stopped operating until 1969 as a school, then 1978 as a daycare. So far, bodies as young as three have been found. Three years old. Canada boasts being […]

Turn to the Dark Roast. Feel the Caffeine Within You….

As I drove the other day I imagined I was flying an XWing. There were no other vehicles near me and I impulsively pressed the horn in rapid succession pretending I was blasting TIE fighters. It was a momentary impulse and shortly after blowing up my target I continued on my commute here on earth. […]

Olivia, Hero of the Galactic Empire

What her physical challenge was, I will never know. She was a happy person. I could tell that from her smile even though her illness prevented her from speaking. In 2018 I met Olivia. Her constant fight for literal survival was tested with continuous trips to the hospital and routine surgeries. She was in her […]


When the Emperor executes Order 66, the Jedi purge forces the surviving Jedi into hiding and deep isolation as they were then falsely labeled as traitors of the Galactic Empire. Obi Wan sent out a message to all Jedi reminding them to not return to the Temple and to trust in the Force. Trust. I […]


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